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5 must-try brunch places in Paris

Starting the day with a long, leisurely breakfast is our favorite thing to do when travelling.

Thankfully, Paris is full of great cafés, so every time we visit the city of lights there is an endless choice of places to get our ‘pain au chocolat’ and ‘café au lait’ fix. Here are our five must try places at the moment.

Café Claus

If you only go to one place for breakfast in Paris, make sure Café Claus, located in Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, is that place. From the beautiful, white store-front to the stylish, charming waiters, everything about Claus feels lovely from the moment you step in. Their menu has several different breakfast formulas to choose from, all consisting of several kinds of buns, croissants, yoghurts, chia puddings, eggs, cakes, juices and much, much more. Absolutely worth a visit.

Café Charlot

Café Charlot, located just in front of the Marché des Enfants Rouges in Marais, is a beautiful, classic French café. The waiters are slightly nonchalant in a charming, Parisian way but the breakfast is totally worth it. Try the ‘formule coup de coeur’ for the ultimate French breakfast consisting of eggs, croissants, baguette with homemade jam, your tea or coffee or choice and a fresh-pressed orange juice.

Charlot image source


Season, located in Marais, focuses on healthy but delicious meals. The extensive menu, consisting of everything from eggs to smoothie bowls, is very long, making it really difficult to decide on which item to order. The acai bowl was delicious, so was the healthy turmeric latte. Make sure to also try the ‘shakshuka’ consisting of poached eggs, tomato, coriander, spicy peppers and potato. Season is the perfect place for anyone who needs a detox from too much French wine and cheese.

Season image source


Holybelly is one of the trendier places for breakfast in Paris at the moment and it is not hard to understand why. Located in Porte Saint-Matin, the modern, inviting interior and English speaking staff welcoming you feels like the place could be located in any big city in the world. The menu focuses on ‘delicious food’ as they like to describe it themselves, and offers a variety of eggs, pancakes, puddings and some really great coffee.

Holybelly image source

Paperboy Paris

Paperboy, located in the trendy Oberkampf neighborhood, has a beautifully modern interior, making customers want to linger for hours on weekends. The eclectic menu offers several breakfast formulas to choose from. Try ‘Le Fatty’, consisting of an English burger with eggs and bacon, and fruity pancakes, if you want a good hangover brunch, or ‘Le Healthy’ consisting of eggs, salmon, granola and fresh-pressed juices for a lighter but equally delicious option.

Paperboy Paris image source

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